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In the heart of a city undergoing a major transition. A quick flip from the drug game to the rap game. Jordan Major and his team thought it was going to be as easy as rolling dice for their life. Thugs and gangsters believed it was going to be a piece of cake to tuck their guns and reach for the nearest mic. But the industry had another thing waiting for them. Outsiders never knew it was a hidden game inside of the music industry. This was a game very similar to the game they were already playing. But the rules and players were different. The game was called the CRAP GAME. In the city of brotherly thugs, a war with corporate thugs and street gangsters was in full effect. A war fueled by Money, Power and Respect.
Since Jordan Major is gone, it's left up to Dog and the younger players to step to the plate. Now in control of the CRAP GAME, he has to rely on Hijjy to pull off the biggest scam ever perpetrated in music business history. Meanwhile, little does Dog know, Hijjy and Ninie is on the hunt for their brother's killer with a vengeance and they will stop at nothing until they find his murderer. Just when it seemed that Dog was headed for the very top, things started to unravel because of the betrayal of some of his FTC squad members, which brings the scorching heat from the Government and several law enforcement agencies down on Dog's head. Through all the drama Dog finds out that love and peace of mind comes at a very expensive price. Is he willing to pay? We'll soon find out.

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